Saturday, February 21, 2015


The Knoxville Ice Bears lost their tenth to the Peoria Rivermen last night up in Illinois.  Frustrating, because the Ice Bears have been particularly good this season.  The economic and logistical realities of bussing your team from, say, Lafayette, Louisiana to Fayetteville, North Carolina, doesn't always lead to a balanced schedule.

As such, Peoria (now in first by 8 points) has faced Knoxville (the second place team) some 12 times this season.  Even given the logistical realities, 12 times in a 56 game season is excessive.

Ideally, in a 56-game season, in an 8-team league, teams should play each other 8 times.

That's not grousing since the Ice Bears have lost 10 of those 12 contests against the Peoria, though it does seem worth noting that while the Rivermen seem to have the Ice Bears' number, Knoxville has lost 6 against the rest of the league.


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