Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday...3 Days before Thanksgiving....

I've spent most of my morning cleaning up.  Doing all the little things that I won't have the chance to do until Friday, that most likely being the earliest I could get to it again.  Picking up the living room.  Dishes.  Cleaning the bathroom.

Thanksgiving is Thursday.

Did you know that?


It's a busy week at ye olde grocery shoppe.  One of the two busiest.

Minor aside  I'll be putting four shifts in from 2 PM today until 3:30 PM Thursday.  That'll end up right around 39 or so hours on, with 25 or so hours off in between shifts.  Less than 22, if you count the commute.  Tonight, it's 2-11:30, same tomorrow.  Wednesday, 9am to 7p, and I volunteered for Thursday, so that's a 6:45-3:30 shift there. If you have a higher power you look to, might you put a word in for Tommy?  Off time, especially Tuesday night through Thursday, will be for sleeping, perhaps jamming a sandwich into my face and not much else.

Actually, it's not that bad.  The physical part of it, building displays and running trucks, is done, for the most part.  Upper management usually shows the good sense to leave all the little directives off for this week.  So, it's just the public.

And despite entreaties to the contrary, 90%, if not more, of the public are good folks with good heads on their shoulders.

It's the other 5-10% that can make this week a mental drain.

Here's the tiring thing about the week.  We have a lot of people cooking dinners that they don't really want to cook, eating with people they don't really want to be with, making trips they don't want (and some can't afford) to make.  And it wears on some.  And unfortunately, it comes out sometimes at the people who can't defend themselves.  Those people in my industry.

There are lots of memes that go around, about respecting retail workers, and I agree with the basic sentiment.  I even share some of them, some of the time.  Still, most people aren't jerks.  And the people who aren't jerks?  Generally don't think that they are jerks.

I'm rambling.

Whaddaya gonna do?  Still my blogamathing, despite all efforts by The Enemy.

Too much green tea this morning?



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