Sunday, March 03, 2019


Just a few random thoughts.

We watched the movie First Reformed last night.  This past year (three years?) have been rough for trying to catch movies.  We'd intended to catch it when it was in Downtown West last year, but never made it up.  It's streaming, and we sat for it last night.  Great performance from Ethan Hawke.  I am not mature enough, however, to not throwback to an Amazing Jonathan bit near the movie's climax.....


After the movie last night, I found out that a former co-worker was killed this week.  Jessica Whaley wasn't typical, inasmuch as there are a lot of employees who come and go, and as soon as they're gone, I don't give them a second thought.

Jessica was different.  I always thought of her as something of a wandering spirit.  She was kind, and had a weird sense of humor, which is where we seemed to connect.   Her mind was usually other places, though.  She had a flighty air that some mistook for a lack of intelligence.  She had a decent head on her shoulders, but sometimes seemed that she'd lost her way.  This didn't always lead to being a model employee.  Still, she was very kind, and she was great with kids, and I was always rooting for her to find her path.

I hate that it ended so soon, and in this way.  There has been an arrest....


Tonight is the second anniversary of my Dad's passing.

He collapsed at home somewhere around 10:45 or so.  I was closing the store that night.  Mom called to let me know ambulances were on the way, but that he wasn't breathing, and that he was probably gone.  I made it to their house by 11:20.   EMT's were working on him in the ambulance by then.  They told us they'd gotten a pulse back, and were taking him to the hospital.

We went to the hospital, we waited for two hours in the waiting room.  He was pronounced dead just after midnight.  We weren't told until after two.  That still grinds my ass a bit, our sitting there for two hours, tortured.  We had to ask before anybody could be assed to come tell us anything.

That was the toughest week I'd ever gone through.  I still think of Dad daily.  There have been several times over the past year that I wish he were still here, just so I could talk to him, bounce some of the thoughts rattling around in my head about work, about life.

I don't know how two years passes so quickly.


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