Saturday, December 29, 2018

Who'da Thunk It?

Thursday, Shyam and I wandered down to BeeYooTeeFull Marietta, Georgia, to witness the nuptials of "Classic" Dan Krodman and Erica Sherman.

I didn't get many pictures of the ceremony, mostly because I was having to catch the yarmulke off the top of Jimbo's head, because it couldn't contain his great farookin' hair.

I did get some pictures of friends, though:

When I started this blogamathing 16 years ago, I'd never have thought that it'd have introduced me to such great people.

Congratulations and Mazel Tov to Erica and Dan!!!!

We missed getting to see Steve.  But much of this ceremony, including the colanders, and Melissa's toast, was with him in mind.

With that, if you have the means and the time, please take a second to drop a couple dollars toward fighting ALS.....


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