Thursday, January 24, 2019


I've been on vacation this week.  Finishing a couple projects.  Watching a few movies.  We've wandered into the Indiana Jones movies this week.  Doing this somewhat out of order, we did Raiders early in the week, Last Crusade last night and Temple of Doom tonight.  

I may even do Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  I am undecided.

What I am decided upon is this:  I want to live in the parallel universe where instead of the 3 Indy movies from the 1980's, and the fourth from a decade ago or so, we have Indy start getting the Bond treatment, and we get a new Indy movie every few years, with a new actor taking over the Indiana Jones role so often.

In that reality, Crystal Skull isn't reviled like it is here.  It's simply the tenth Bond movie, where Harrison Ford takes the role he made famous one last time.  (And I've maintained that it's not as bad a flick as some make it out to be.  It's a perfectly pulpy flick.  It's not as strong as the first three, but it's not as far behind Temple of Doom as people like to pretend...)

In that reality, we have a couple of 90's Indy movies, with somebody like a Mel Gibson in the role.  And then, in 1999, we have Brendan Fraser taking the role, and we have a story of Indiana Jones fighting the Mummy, with Stephen Sommers directing, and Rachel Weisz and Arnold Vosloo along for the ride.  We could even do a Indiana Jones and the Scorpion King sequel.....
Then, somewhere around 2004 we get a couple Brad Pitt as Indiana Jones.

Then we'd have Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

And then a couple more with somebody like a Channing Tatum.  Or, interestingly:  Sam Rockwell.

And, in that reality, for Memorial Day 2019, we're looking at Idris Elba taking over the role.....

Eh.  Just meandering.  It'd be cool.....


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