Saturday, December 14, 2002

Bill can vouch for me. I didn't see this week's episode of South Park where Santa Claus lives in Superman's Fortress of Solitude until tonight. Coincidences are funny.

Here on Big Stupid Tommy, I try not to be too negative. I'm often pessimistic in real life--it's something I'm continually striving to change, with varying degrees of success.

Just a couple of not-so random thoughts:

Loss Prevention People are just scum by design, aren't they? They can't actually be thinking, feeling human beings like you and me, can they? Bill said that he couldn't do the job. Neither could I. As much as I claim to hate people, sometimes. Neither could I.

There are parts of my job that can get really, really crappy some times. I don't mind doing them because there are other parts of my job that are tremendously rewarding.

But every now and then the scales tip toward the slurm.


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