Monday, February 17, 2003

The funniest thing about my post last week where I learned of an expansion at my job from the newspaper?

I was finally able to ask those in charge (The High Exalted Table of Chief Heads) about a timetable. And they asked, "What are you talking about, Sambert?"

(The call me Sambert at work, short for the Great Sambertini.)

I told them, and got blank stares in response. And I had to go online to find the article and e-mail it to them. And it was all news to them.

The Murfreesboro Daily-News Journal is NOT a top quality publication.

I don't think we'll expand. Yet.


No matter how many times in my life I write the word "bicycle," it never looks right to me. And believe, you, me. I write bicycle a whole hell of a lot more times than is necessary, or even prudent.


I wanted to point out that Homer's addiction to the Ribwich being likened to the heroin addiction in Requiem for a Dream was really close to genius. And the whole bit about the animal the Ribwich comes from going extinct (neither pig nor cow: think more legs) really was genius. In fact, I'm going to upgrade my opinion of the Spellympic/Ribwich episode. Probably the best overall episode this season.


Rain sucks, but when that rain freezes into a sheet of ice about a quarter-inch thick on my truck, that's taking things a little too far. I want whatever practical joker's pissed the Lord off to quit it! Enough's enough, already. Jeebus!


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