Tuesday, May 13, 2003

A couple of corrections and/or additions to this morning's rant about why Allan "Bud" Selig is a pain in the ass.

One might make the argument that David Wells is an old-timey baseball player who's more about baseball than being an athlete. But he's been on a monster exercise training regimen for a couple or three years now. Especially since rejoining the Yankees. And he doesn't party as much as he used to.

And I think I spoke wrongly when I said Ron Darling. I think he's the Hawaiian pretty boy. I think it was Sid Fernandez for whom "All You Can Eat" was a dare instead of an invitation. I just remember that instead of curving around on his back because it's too skinny, the lettering for "Fernandez" was a straight line across his back.

I'm allowed to talk this way because I'm like Sid Fernandez, except without all that baseball talent and the 1986 World Series Ring.


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