Sunday, May 25, 2003

It's a coincidence. I know it is.

But there's a car commercial that I just saw that talks about the space for differing opinions inside its cargo space.

In the commercial, A guy and a gal are at an antique barn. The guy looks bored, and until he finds a juke box in the back. Smoke on the Water plays over the commercial. And then the couple leaves with what the girl wanted (an antique chest) and no juke box.

The coincidence, and my problem, is that I wrote a story very similar to this a while back and submitted it a couple of places. In it, the guy's antiquing with the wife, and wants to get a vintage juke box from an antique shop, but his wife won't let him. And the story, which I admit is not very good, proceeds to them both getting killed by the crazy owner of another antique shop.

It's a coincidence. The antique store and the juke box. But it's a little annoying. Don't know if I'll work that story back around. Really, I probably wouldn't have, anyway. It's not very good.

But you're used to that, aren't you?


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