Thursday, May 01, 2003

Somebody in my apartment complex is either quite forgetful or just gets their kicks slamming car doors at 5 in the morning.. It's almost a daily occurence. I kind of think it's my downstairs neighbor, as I've heard them in the shower around 4:30, and a while back the mom and her son got into a fight really early about how the boy should get up.

Today's (and the last couple of days) fun game is to close a car door loudly while everybody else is still asleep. I'm not kidding here, it happened 8 times in succession. Which means either they were just opening and closing the same door on the car or were walking around the car, opening and closing each door as they went.

By the time I'd gotten awake enough to look out the window, I heard them walking up the walk and going into one of the downstairs apartments.

It's worse than the guy who'd get picked up at 5:45 every morning and his ride would get out there he'd honk the horn to get his attention. That ended nearly in a fight when another of the neighbors went out to tell him to knock it off.

Not much sense made here today.


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