Tuesday, April 20, 2004



I hate the accordian.

If I had my way, all accordians would be destroyed.

I hate the accordian because it's obnoxious. It just grates up my spine when it's played.

Also because the accordian's the pre-dominant instrument played on the Spanish-language AM station somewhere close to 720 on the AM Dial. The station which competes with WGN out of Chicago for dominance on my stereo. One minute, I'll hear Ron Santo, clear as a bell, talking about how much he likes the Giants' new park (which is neither here nor there, since the Cubs are playing the Pirates tonight) and the next, I'll hear "Aiiiii-yaiiii-yaiii-yaiiii" with a squeezebox blaring in the background.

Actually, the interference isn't bad tonight. Some nights, it's so bad that it's not even worth it to try to listen to Cubs radiocasts. I just consider myself fortunate to be able to hear WGN at all here in Middle Tennessee.

Back to the point, though.

Mostly, I hate accordians because my best friend Fernando was beaten to death with an accordian, while my hands were bound with baling wire, and my eyes taped open to watch. That happened in the third grade.


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