Tuesday, April 20, 2004



(This is kind of a sad post. Sorry.)

I didn't sleep all that well today. Had a pretty bad dream.

I guess it wasn't bad in and of itself. But, I haven't quite shaken it off yet, and I've been up a couple of hours now.

My cat's disappeared from my parents' home about a week and a half ago. She was kind of old. Cats are private about their final moments. I think I admitted to myself that she probably wandered off to do that one last thing in private.

Her name was Stripe. She was called that because she was covered in stripes, and also because her personality was a lot like that of the gremlin Stripe, in the Gremlins movie.

She was a good cat, despite her gremlin personality. She was laid back, and wouldn't take blame for anything. I like that part about all cats. But she was different from other cats. She would come when you called her.

A long time ago, she attached herself to me. Don't know why. But I was her person. She would check to see if I was in a room before going to another person's lap. She would bring me presents. Usually dead birds or chipmunks. It's the thought that counts.

Of everybody at that house, she was the most bummed when I went away to school. Mom says she moped around for weeks after I left.

But she was getting kind of old. I guess she was 12 or 13, and maybe even older. She was in the last litter that the mama cat we brought to the cabin in the woods had.

She had to eat soft food, now. And she stayed inside the folks' house most of the time. And she didn't stray far from the house when she did go outside.

Like I said, she's been gone for a week and a half or so. Mom told me weekend before last. I've been kind of bummed about it, but have kept it at the back of my mind for about a week, letting other things occupy my mind, not letting myself really think about it.

But I dreamed about her this afternoon. Just an ordinary dream about being in my folks' house and picking her up and flopping her on my shoulder. And I woke up thinking about that, about how I won't get to do that anymore, and ended up feeling pretty miserable.

Guess I let myself think about it.

Sorry if you came here expecting something else. She was my pet. And I've never had that before. I got kind of maudlin' and goofy about my pet. She was a cool cat. And I'll miss her.


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