Saturday, April 24, 2004

Crazy Eye Pushing Out Disease

Crazy Eye Pushing Out Disease

Hey, Tommy! Let's read Fark before we go to bed.


Disease Pushes Eyes Out of Woman's Head.

"I woke up one morning and my eyes were swollen," Himmer said.

But the swelling under Himmer's eyes didn't stop there. "My eyes kept swelling, not just the skin, but the eyes itself," she said.

Himmer's eyes began to bulge from her eye sockets and her doctors could not figure out what was causing it.

Great. This'll get me when I can't sleep at night. Or day, as it were. I suddenly think about terrorism. Or edu-ma-cation. Or goblins. Or Soccer Hooligans. Or Gunny Walker. Now I also gotta worry about an autoimmune dysfunction which causes my eyes to pop out of my skull, and look like Arnold Scharzenegger when he's jettisoned to the surface of Mars.

Update: Papercuts. I should apparently worry about papercuts. Went to grab paper out of the printer paper package, and I ran the cuticle of my right bird finger along the edge of the paper pack. Stupid. Stupid stupid.


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