Thursday, April 22, 2004

Arrested Development

Arrested Development

It's a little busy around these parts. And that sucks.

Just a quick blurb from the USA Today: As expected, Fox renewed The Bernie Mac Show, 24, The O.C. and Malcolm in the Middle. Fox also extended MADtv, keeping it on the air through 2008.

No word yet on Arrested Development, which is currently my favorite show on TV.

As of late last week, it was still "on the bubble."

I don't ask much of my sevens of readers, but if any of you is part of a Nielsen family, I will pay you $19 (American) and make you a casserole of your choice (Green Bean or Tuna) if you'll just tune your television to Fox when Arrested Development's on. You don't even have to watch, if you don't wanna. You can read. Or go to the bathroom. Or talk to the dogs. Or talk to the children. Or make a sandwich.

Though I highly recommend watching the show. It's smart, goofy comedy. And there's not enough of that on TV.


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