Friday, April 23, 2004

Johnny Calhoun's This Things I Believe

Johnny Calhoun's This Things I Believe

Just a few random things on this Friday, when things aren't as hectic as they were the past couple of days.

Like I said earlier, I got my money back from the government. They weren't using it, I guess. No grass to plant in the Everglades. There's not an aviary in Idaho needing renovation. And I'm not funding a study that says poets die younger than other artists.

I do have a full tank of gasoline, and groceries. So I'm thankful.

Just looking around,

Dan has a list of all the little things he enjoys. It's a nice list. You have to take pleasure in the little things in life. Dan likes double plays. I can't argue. Although my cup of tea is the triple. I like seeing a runner leg out a triple.

Also. The Cubs and Pirates got rained out last night. The Cubs still have to travel, and it's early, but I feel like anytime they can avoid that night game followed by a day game, it's a good thing.

Can I admit to liking to watch the Pirates? The Nashville Sounds are the Pirates Triple-A club. So a lot of the guys on the Pirates this season, I've watched the past couple of seasons up at Relatively Lovely Greer Stadium. Tike Redman, Jack and Craig Wilson, Rob Machowiak. I always like to see them do well. Except when Jack Wilson's running like mad all over the Cubs.

And E-Ramis, currently of the Cubs, also played some ball for Nashville.

Changing the subject.

Jake's going through a difficult time at work. As a guy who just spent the last three years hiring and firing under similar circumstances, I sympathize.

Got warned not to sneak up on a co-worker last night. "That's how you get dealt with," was the warning.

Umm. Go over to Overfed Mind. Give Robb some belated birthday wishes.

Man. I think I want some chicken.


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