Saturday, April 24, 2004



Scott over at Northside Lounge has a very nice post of thanks for Pat Tillman, the Arizona Cardinals' safety who joined the Army, and was killed in action in Afghanistan.

Had a short discussion about this at work. A co-worker was a little disgusted that Tillman's death was getting as much attention as it was, while most of the men and women serving over there who die get maybe an inch of ink in the newspaper.

He was disgusted not so much that Tillman's sacrifice was being given so much attention, but that other soldiers' deaths were getting so little.

I saw his point, but I just came at the news from the angle that Tillman was not only representing us overseas, but was also representing the men and women serving overseas--men and women who gave up maybe not as much monitarily as Tillman, but at least as much in their careers and family lives. He was representing those fine people to us, here at home.

Plus, he was a public figure before joining the Army. Few people nowadays who join up are.

Hopefully, in being a public figure, and in representing those serving, the news of his death could and should help shine a light on the sacrifice so many of those people are making.


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