Saturday, May 22, 2004

Staggeringly Stupid

Staggeringly Stupid

Maybe it was my mood, but this story cracked me up:

LONDON (Reuters) - Simon Taylor was outraged when the platform address system announced the train he was waiting for wouldn't be stopping to let him get on.

He stalked home, got his car, drove back in a fury to the station and made sure the train stopped -- by parking his car across the tracks.

"It was a staggeringly stupid thing to do. It was done out of anger and frustration and lack of thought," Taylor later told police.

"I shouldn't have got out of bed that morning," he added.

Taylor, 47, admitted a charge of obstruction at Hove Crown Court and faces up to two years in jail and a hefty fine when sentenced.

The incident happened at Berwick station in East Sussex as Taylor was waiting for a train to London.

I just like the cartoon logic. He wasn't even worried about whether and where the train would go after it stopped. His only concern was that the train would stop.

In the movie camera of my mind, I see Taylor's spring from the station and then his drive, tear-assing back to the tracks, all seen from the vantage point of an older fellow sitting on his porch.

"Maude...that Taylor fella's done flipped his lid..."


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