Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Home Remedies

Home Remedies

On a truck ride to transport a stove to a new home, we were discussing remedies for every day maladies.

My cure all?

BC Powder.

Headache? Take a BC Powder.

Sore back? Take a BC Powder.

Cancer? Take a BC Powder.

The Blahs? Take a BC Powder.

Steak Fingers? Take a BC Powder.

Bloviating Ovaries? Take a BC Powder.

But here's the thing.

Open the wrapper like you would if you were going to swallow the stuff.

But instead of swallowing, snort that stuff up. You might want to take two powders, one for each nostril.

Now, it won't necessarily make what you're worrying about go away.

But it'll give you a whole new, much more immediate and intense burning pain to worry about.


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