Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Some Things Just Make You Feel Good

Some Things Just Make You Feel Good

I went out to eat last night, and while eating, I would glance up at the TV above the bar, to catch scores of the baseball games being played last night. Yeah, it was irritating to see the Cubs down 4-0 in the first, on a night when I knew Mark Prior was starting.

But then My spirits lifted.

I saw that the Indians and Yankees were playing, and that the score was 9-0 in favor of the Tribe at the end of 3.

It wasn't enough to make me happy, but it was something to think about besides wondering what the real status of Mr. Prior and his elbow/shoulder/achilles tendon are.

I looked up later, after finishing my southwestern eggrolls, as we were leaving, that the Indians had increased their lead to 15-0.

I started to smile, as I walked to the car.

Stopped in a bookstore, looked at all the books I could buy to add to the stack I already have that I haven't read.

Got back in the truck, and turned to the Braves radio broadcast. The Indians were still laying a clubbering on the Yanks. I started to laugh.

I went out late last night to pick up a couple of things, and listened to the Braves Tenth Inning Show (hosted by former WCW announcer Tony Schiavone), and heard that the Indians had laid a whupping historical on the Yankees.

The Indians beat the Yankees 22-0 last night.

Biggest loss in their 101 year history.

Biggest shutout of any team since the Pirates beat a certain team from the North Side of Chicago by the same score in 1975.

It's just one game. But you just get the feeling that such a thing couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch of fellers. Cleveland rules, today.


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