Saturday, October 23, 2004

World Series: Game 1, first inning

World Series: Game 1, first inning

I can't get a decent ESPN station on the radio. Shit.

It looks like the Buck n' McCarver show.

Is Stephen King the most famous Red Sox fan? He's co-writing a book about the '04 Sox. They picked a heckuva year to do it. Are Ben Affleck and Matt Damon real Red Sox fans, or is it a P.R. thing? Do you think one of them will show up?

If John Kerry shows up with his player not-even-knowing-Frankenstein-ghastly-lookingBoston-Baseball-Cap-Wearing self shows up for any game of this Series, I may shoot my TV.

Who's the most famous Cardinals fan?

To me, it's a benefit of having the series away from both the New York and Los Angeles areas for this year. It seems like Fox can't resist showing celebrities in the crowd, sometimes ignoring the action ont he field to do so. Aside from the occasional Stephen King sighting, unless Affleck and Damon show up.

I got to see Tim Wakefield pitch back when he was with the Pirates. It's crazy how slowly that knuckler travels, sometimes.

I like Fenway's irregular shape. I like that baseball's playing surfaces aren't uniform. I like that Fenway, like Wrigley in Chicago, comes from a time when the playing stadium was wedged into the city, instead of the city flattening acres on all sides to make room for a stadium, making it an island unto itself. Fenway's irregular playing field is a product of that, being wedged into a spot, back in the day.

And that's cool to me.

Larry Walker doubles.

And Scott Rolen pops out.

Between the half first MLB game was the Cubs at the Reds at Riverfront, in 1987. One of the things I remember taking note of was that between innings, when the teams were switching place on the field, and while the TV was at commercial, was that the field positions took up the time by playing of the things a 10 year old wonders at...It made sense, but at the time, it had never occurred to me to even think about it, that something was going on while I was watching commercials on TV

Red Sox batting. Woody Williams pitching. Johnny Damon leading off for the Sox.

Damon wears pitchers out. And I don't mean he necessarily hits the hell out of everything. But he takes a LOT of pitches. This at bat against Williams exemplifies that. What was that, 10, or 11 pitches?

Seeing Orlando Cabrera batting for the Sox, I wonder what Nomar's doing right now. Probably counting his money and enjoying Mia Hamm's fine, fine company. But it makes me wonder how it would have been had the Cubs not crapped out, and made it all the way to the Series, to have Nomar facing the Sox.

Scary pitch from Williams. It got away from him.

Are Tony LaRussa and Brian Billick the same person?

Is Larry Walker a Hall of Famer? He's a .314 career hitter, with 368 homers. Lots of gold gloves. An MVP. Does playing so many years in Coor Field work to his detriment?

David Ortiz is a god. I pray to him. I think David Ortiz would be a Hall of Famer, if every game was a postseason game. He just tears it up. "Curse Schmurse," says David Ortiz, "David Ortiz Smash! David Ortiz is the strongest one there is!"

If I'm Tony LaRussa? I don't pitch to him any more. For any reason. That three run dong is all the convincing I'd need.

I miss Bill Mueller, as a Cub fan. I like Aramis Ramirez as a Cub, but Bill Mueller was one of those guys like Johnny Damon: he ate up pitches and could get on base and drive in runs.

End of the First:

St Louis 0
Boston 4


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