Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Wednesday Night Random Puny-boy Thoughts

Wednesday Night Random Puny-boy Thoughts

--I believe that I have fallen under the weather. Well, I didn't fall, but I tripped a bit.

Just feeling a little rough. Stuffy head, sore throat. Kinda achey. Mostly, I'm just tired as hell. I've got one more thing to get as far as Christmas shopping goes, and I'd intended to use my first free Wednesday night in a while to go get it. But I got all puny, and just wanted to go home and sit on my couch.

--Gooseneck won the Most Esteemed and Honorable Llama Trophy the other night, with the Chiefs victory over the Titans. It was a fun game to watch, even if the two teams went in with identical 4-8 records.

--I haven't said much about the Titans this year. It's frustrating to be a Titans fan, what with all the injuries and whatnot this year. You watch the guys go out and play, but you understand that when they field a team, it's like coming to the gunfight with a bunch of machetes. They're fun to watch, but you know they're going to get mowed over eventually.

--The Eastern Time Zone kinda sucks, as it relates to all these sporting events. We don't start Monday Night Football until 9...and it's over usually around 1 in the morning. Which is well past Papaw BSTommy's bed time.

--My friends Chris and Jill went to Hawaii back in the fall, during baseball's playoffs. They'd watch a ballgame being held in prime time over on the righthand coast, and then still have much of the evening left when the game's over. All that, plus they're in freaking Hawaii!

--Magnum P.I. is usually among the first things I think of when I think of Hawaii. And Pickled Eggs are the first things I think of when I think of Magnum P.I. Because this one time, Magnum was working in a grocery type store, and his pal/helicopter pilot T.C. would come in and order "Pickled Egg, Please." And it really pissed Magnum off, because he hated pickled eggs.

That is the only thing I remember about that show.

--That's all I've got. I've been doing this post for thirty minutes. I'm kinda out of it.


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