Monday, January 31, 2005

Link Love

Link Love

Because I's a lay-zee mofo.

I didn't touch on this last night. That rambling, nonsensical Sammy Sosa post was the longest thing I've posted here in a while. But I did forget to mention one of my thoughts. Who's gonna play right field? The Cub Reporter quotes the Chicago Tribune....Jeromy Burnitz!!!??!?!?????!????!!!!!.

That would make me crazy. Not fun crazy, either. More like talking-to-the-voices-wipe-my-feces-on-the-wall-cut-people-up-with-ginsu-knives crazy. Or, as I heard the other night, "Textbook Crazy." Somebody used that phrase the other night. "She's Textbook Crazy." It made me smile, hearing that.

Well, signing Jeromy Burnitz would be textbook crazy.

Surely Jim Hendry has more sense. Surely.


Bill McCabe watched the William Shatner Classic Kingdom of the Spiders. I watched Kingdom of the Spiders once when I was in elementary schoo, and I was home from school sick with something or other. And in my weakened, fever-delusional state, I told myself that it was a good movie. Then, a couple or three years ago, I rented it again to watch it. It's impressively bad. Now, if I'm sick, I stick to the game shows.


If Richard Gere can do it, so can she...The Mad Sister speaks on the behalf of the people of Earth:

You may say over and over that you know someone who looks exactly like me except for the fact that they're East Indian, but I'm pretty sure that they can't really be my twin if I'm a blonde-haired, blue-eyed white woman. Now if you said you met someone who looked exactly like me and her name was Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, then I might be more apt to believe you.

And, finally:

Luche Libre hurts the Evil Hippy's he decides to hurt our brains, too....


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