Friday, January 28, 2005

One of those days

One of those days

Do ya ever just get in "one of those moods?"

You know. Where nothing suits you. Nothing's good enough. Where it doesn't matter what anybody does, they're doing it seemingly just to annoy you. Everything seems like it's been smeared with a glaze of shit? I don't know what that last part means.

Mostly, it means i've been kind of sick of people, lately. I just need a break.

So, when I'm not all social and smiley and happy, and somebody gets on my nerves, and even though I'm not ill or anything with them....

Somebody said "Tommy's on the rag, today."

Jeebus. Admit to one person that I have a monthly menstrual flow, and suddenly I'm more of a girly-man than the guy who admits that he tapes All My Children every day to watch when he gets home from work.

The past couple of days, I've just had very little use for people. It happens every now and then. I'm not a people person. I think I have a quota. Tommy's met his socialization quota for the he will watch re-runs of Family Guy....

People wear on me after a while. Any of you other people with sociopathic tendencies get this? Do you ever notice how you get treated when you admit that people wear you out to a "people person?" You're treated like some kind of freak. He'd rather stay home and read than go out to Ruby Tuesday with the rest of us? Tommy's on the rag.

Stop making fun of my menstrual flow!

It's not my fault that I cry during long distance telephone commercials.

Now, a couple of links that are apropos of absolutely nothing, except that they are what I read while I sat here at the computer, muttering "revenge soon" under my breath:

Chemical testing shows that parts of the Shroud of Turin may be older than the carbon-14 testing results showed in 1988....

We're only cancelling spelling bees, but it leads to a brief point: I'm really sick of this No Child Left Behind bullshit. We're making our kids only as strong as the weakest links.

Robby has a started a discussion of sorts on the emergence of nerds, science nerds specifically, as heroes on our television....

Read those. Maybe I'll be off my PMS tomorrow.


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