Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Wrasslin' Thoughts, in brief

Wrasslin' Thoughts, in brief

Just a couple of thoughts on last night's Monday Night Raw.

A positive effort, on the whole. With the exception of it being yet another episode ending with Lex Luger Randy Orton staring defiantly at Triple H.

I don't think Batista's going to win the Rumble. I'm fairly sure they're gearing him up for a Diesel/Stone Cold run in the Rumble. That's where we have Batista coming in, clearing out the ring (usually starting with the biggest dog in the match, which has to be Viscera), and then standing by himself for a couple of entrants.

I say I don't think he'll win the Rumble, but that doesn't mean much with the WWE. They book stupidly, here lately.

My wishful thinking booking? Triple H had Ric Flair put in the Rumble as kind of an afterthought. Have Flair win the thing by surprise. You can have Orton win the World Title match (how it makes me shudder to say that), but have Batista interfere somehow. Have Orton, Batista and Triple H feud to Mania.

Meanwhile, you have to ratchet up how Flair's viewed. The Hippy and I hit it last night. Here lately, Evolution's Ric Flair is more like Jerry Van Dyke on Coach than he is The Nature Boy we've all known for years. You take Flair off the retard pills. You have him win a couple of matches cleanly from the Rumble to Wrestlemania.

And then, at Wrestlemania, the other members of Evolutions' feud culminates in a triple threat match for the title, with the winner (Triple H) facing the Rumble winner Ric Flair. Flair wins, gets the big showy sendoff, and retires.

It'd never happen, and it would leave a vacant title twice in a four month span (which isn't reason enough not to do it in the WWE, I'll grant...they're the stupidest people outside of the NWATNA and Dusty Rhodes, here lately....)

But it's wishful thinking. They'll probably do the triple threat thing, but with Batista winning the Rumble. Or some shit like that.


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