Saturday, January 08, 2005

Random Saturday

Random Saturday

What do you call a psychotic horse with a broken leg?

Crazy glue.


My picks for Wild Card Weekend?


The Rams over the Seahawks (I flipped the coin on this one)
The Chargers over the Jets

The Colts over the Broncos
The Packers over the Vikings


Got the fifth season of The Simpsons the other day. The first disc of the set has no less than three of my favorite episodes. The Sideshow Bob sendup of Cape Fear...Homer with his new chainsaw and hockey mask....; Homer goes to College (The bee bit my bottom); and Homer's Barbershop Quartet (I really like the Baby on Board song).

That first disc also has the Treehouse of Horror from that season, and it's a good one. The sendup of the Twilight Zone Terror at 30,000 feet, with Bart on the school bus? Good stuff. But I had to rewind it four times in the section when Homer sells his soul for a donut, and declares "I'm smarter than the devil!", only to have Flanders Devil turn into a big scary devil, to retort "You are Not smarter than me!" I don't know why it cracks me up, but it does.


I guess I'm a freak. Another warm-ish and sunny day, after a rainy night here in east Tennessee. High fifties/low sixties for the high. I miss the cold. I kinda like the cold. The cold is my friend.


Remember the assbag from California who sued to have the words "under God" taken out the pledge of allegiance? He's now now making a fuss over the prayer at President Bush's inauguration ceremony.

You know, I'm not a religious guy, and I'm think that religious movements have entirely too much pull in our country. And I even think there's a little too much God in the government.

But here's how I see it. Nobody's putting a gun to my head saying "you gotta do it our way." Nobody's making me participate. Nobody's forcing me to kneel during President Bush's Inauguration to pray with everybody else.

So I'm cool with it. My personal car alarm of personal outrage? It's not set on "super sensitive." My personal belief line of demarcation? It's set somewhere right around gun at my head. If you wanna pray, pray all you want. I'll respect your connection to the Almighty, because by not forcing me into it, you're respecting mine.

That said, I think this Michael Newdow needs an asswhuppin' worse than anybody I can think of right now. I mean, there's drawing attention to a legitimate problem, and then there's talking to hear yourself talk. That personal belief line of demarcation shouldn't extend all the way to something you can turn on and off if you don't want to participate.

Mr. Newbow? If you want to talk to hear yourself talk, do what I do, and get a blog.

Talkity Talkity Talk. See?

I hate Sammy Sosa. See? See how easy it is?

I'm not wasting anybody's money. I'm not wasting valuable tax dollars going to court and making a fuss about how much I hate Sammy Sosa.

I'm not wasting taxpayer dollars by making a federal case (literally, in your case) out of something that really doesn't affect me in the slightest. I'm not even wasting my own money. Blogger's free, Holmes!

And guess the hell what? I'm thinking that the number of people who care about and agree with what you have to say is within an arm's reach of the number of people who care about and agree with what I have to say. And my coven of readers numbers somewhere in the sevens.

Eh. That's my ego talking in that last paragraph. I'll leave it to you, the reader, to figure just which section of that paragraph is ego, however. I'll let you think on your own, and make your own decisions. Because I think you're able, unlike some of the militant crazies out there.

Huh. Who'da thunk I'da come up on the side of the church on this one?

(Credit Barry at the Inn of the Last Home for the link...Barry's reading Who Censored Roger Rabbit, a book I've wanted to read, if only to compare it to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)


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