Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mike Piazza and Alicia Rickter's Wedding Registry

Mike Piazza and Alicia Rickter's Wedding Registry

Chris had this link, to the wedding gift registry for the soon-to-be-married Mike Piazza and ultra-hottie Alicia Rickter.

Sweet Shit! Look at this crap!

214 dollars for a Tray Table!?!?!?!

330 dollars for a Teapot?!?!???!?!!

498 dollars for an ostrich legged Chest of Drawers??!??!??!!!

A grand for a gameside table?!?!?!?!

I don't even know what half that shit is!!!!!!

And I'm thinking that Mr. Piazza's making some decent scratch from those NY Mets. If he wants a 330 damn dollar teapot, he can buy his own 330 damn dollar teapot. If my 2 dollar bought-at-Goodwill teapot makes tea well enough for me, it should make it well enough for Mike and (especially) Alicia.

And let me say this. If I'm Mike Piazza and I'm working to prove I'm not gay, while marrying Alicia Rickter isn't a bad move, not a bad move at all...I'd have a few macho things on the wedding registry. Maybe a gun, or perhaps a really macho pickup truck.

Hell, put a truck on there. People are buying you thousand dollar tables you crazy millionaire you. I'm sure if you put The A-Team Van on there, somebody would pick that up for you.

Or do you think that's what he's spending some of that baseball scratch on? That's why they're getting teapots and tray tables? Because Mike's blowing his money on A-Team vans?

That's what I'd do, if I had baseball money. Buy the A-Team van.


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