Monday, March 14, 2005

Bedtime Wrasslin' Thoughts

Bedtime Wrasslin' Thoughts

This year's Wrestlemania is taking a decidedly nostalgic turn. For me, the biggest draw so far has been the Piper's Pit segment, where Piper interviews Stone Cold Steve Austin. And I can't help but say it's fitting to put Hulk Hogan in the Hall of Fame. There we have, for me anyway, the three biggest draws for the show not having wrestled an active match at least since 2003.

Tonight's Monday Night Raw decided to follow that nostalgic path, as we saw Shawn Michaels team with his former Rockers Tag Team partner Marty Janetty. Janetty, decked out in more tassles than any man should ever wear, held his own in the tag match against Le Resistance. The only time he really showed age was in the nip-up that wasn't (I don't hold it against him, because Shawn didn't really nip all the way up from his prone position either).

Let me say this about the former Rocker. He was really hyper. He's lost a step, but could still work better than half the guys in the locker room.

But Janetty wasn't the only thing that came from the Eighties....

Jake "the Snake" Roberts made his return to Raw, and did he do so in a Big way.

It's nice to see that Jake's conquered a couple of his demons, but did he have to eat them afterward?

Bill had the best line of the night...Look! David Crosby ate Jake "the Snake" Roberts!!!!

Jake, a bit heavier, a bit balder, and even off his talking game just a little...could Still talk circles around Randy Orton, who finally seemed to be acting something the heel heading into his Wrestlemania confrontation with The Undertaker. I'm all about the nostalgia, mind you. To a point. I enjoyed seeing Young Master Orton take a short-arm clothesline from Jake. I wanted to see the DDT. The crowd wanted it. We all knew it wasn't to be....but it doesn't keep us from hoping. Chris Masters again. Hopefully they've decided, at the very least, to reboot him after Wrestlemania. We are hopeful that he's been sent to OVW to learn his craft just a little better. So as not to break former ECW Champions' faces.

A decent effort from the WWE team. Can't think of anything that really pissed me off. But I'm also deliriously tired. Give me some time to think on it....


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