Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A couple quick wrasslin' thoughts

A couple quick wrasslin' thoughts

When I saw that Shawn Michaels and Muhammed Hassan were wrestling right before the changeover to the 10 o'clock hour on Raw last night, I was pretty sure that the Great Red and Yellow Devil himself would show up. It's a ratings bump. Even at age 109, Hogan could be, in the short term, one of the top draws in wrestling.

But how did Raw capitalize on that energy?

With the Chris Masters Masterlock challenge in the very next segment? Bill made the point that Raw already has one Randy Orton. We didn't need him, and we really don't need another.

If I'd been putting things together for the show last night, I'd have put the Chris Masters segment earlier in the show, and put Shelton Benjamin/Chris Jericho segment right after the Hogan segment.

Speaking of Jericho/Benjamin? They should make it a term of their matchup at the next PPV that if Shelton loses to Jericho, he has to use "Shelton is a Little Bitch" as his theme song.

And I realized during the Christian/Vince McMahon segment that Christian's become one of my favorites. I think he's been up there for a while, but I've never realized it in a conscious, out-loud way.

A decent effort from Raw, though I'm getting a little sick of the show being on Triple H's shoulders. And I don't like the way Batista's title reign is shaping up, so far. I think he's being set up for a fall....


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