Friday, April 22, 2005

The Fart Pen Scares the Cat

The Fart Pen Scares the Cat

I got a Fart Pen for Christmas. It's shaped like a finger, and when you pull it, it makes fart sounds. Sometimes, when I'm blue, I'll pull the finger out of the cup, and let it make farting sounds until my heart's content.

I enjoy the fart pen.

My favorite fart noise that it makes? The long, wet sounding one.

A moment of great joy fell upon me a few minutes ago: the fart pen scares the cat.

I was making the fart pen make its farting sounds. The interweb wasn't amusing me, so I pulled the fart pen out of the pen cup, and letting the pen make fart noises. The cat was sitting on the bookshelf (the cat tells me to call it a catshelf, since it's successfully pushed every book off that particular shelf), and the cat was staring at me and my fart pen as if I were holding an instrument of the devil himself.

Of course, I power trip a little, and go chasing the cat around the room, pulling the fart pen, making it fart all the while.

I got bored of this game after a few minutes. I'm not a bully. The fart pen's only funny for a little while (41 minutes).

Also, the cat's looking at me like she won't be happy until she's eating the eyes out of my dead skull. Fart pen revenge.

That kind of scared me. So I've put the fart pen away.

Counting this sentence, I have written the word "fart" 18 times in one post.

Why? Because it's Farty Friday.

Celebrate Farty Friday in your own way, but be careful about taking your religion to work.

Yeah. Freedom of Religion is all cool in this Country, until somebody comes to work celebrating "Farty Fridays."


A few links, in celebration:

Mike Toole, for making the correct observation in this post that "farting is hilarious."

Jake, who doesn't blog anymore, had this post a long time ago about a fart war gone badly.

And I'd link to, except they threw a couple of popups my way. Even though the blocker caught them, it pissed me off a bit. I will say that you might want to check them out for the Farting George Bush doll.

I won't buy it, that Farting George Bush doll.

A Farting Pope Doll, however, might be a little more worth my hard earned money....

Final Fart Count: 28.

A fart count personal best. (29).


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