Monday, September 26, 2005

Movie Moments that Make Me Laugh

Movie Moments that Make Me Laugh....

Just wanted to add a couple of moments to my mental list of moments that make me laugh in movies, no matter how many times I see them....

Watched Dodgeball again last night. Laugh most of the way through it. But I love the part just after Patches dies, Pete LeFleur gets surprised by White Goodman in the hotel room. White asks "Donde esta la biblioteca?"

I watched Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle again this morning. The whole bit where Harold and Kumar talk to Anthony Anderson at the Drive-Thru Window. What's the place called? Burger Palace, or something generic like that? I lose it every time Anderson, as the manic drive-thru employee, starts daydreaming about White Castles, and declares that the very thought of those tasty burgers make him want to Burn the Motherfucker Down! And he goes apeshit tearing up the restaurant while Harold and Kumar watch.

Laugh every time. Great stuff.

How about a classic? It's been several years since I've watched Pride of the Yankees, but I popped it in the DVD player this rainy morning. When his teammates are taking bites out of Babe Ruth's straw hat, and the Babe catches Gary Cooper's Lou Gehrig taking a second bite from the hat, there's a look on Babe's face that cracks me up....


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