Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekend in Review

Weekend in Review

I'm in the third day of a three day weekend, the first such a thing I've had in nigh on a couple of months. In fact, it's the first consecutive days off of any length I've had since my sister's wedding, the beginning of August.

Slept 11 hours Saturday. Considering I've been getting around 4 or 5 a night for a couple of weeks, I'll call that catching up. However, there was the problem when I woke up Saturday as to whether it was 11 in the morning or 11 at night. It's a welcome disorientation.

My buddy Steven and I hit a Braves game Saturday. I usually bitch about Braves fans. Stupid and spoiled, generally speaking. Considering that they couldn't sell out playoff games the past few years. Steven and I went, sure that we'd be able to walk up and buy tickets.

I'll give the Atlanta fans credit. They've got a young, scrappy team and the Atlanta fans came out in force Saturday. The radio said it was something like the 10th largest crowd in Turner Field history. Steven and I ended up having to buy from a scalper, which wasn't a bad thing. We sat in the outfield, which is where we wanted to sit anyway.

Braves won. Andruw Jones hit a monster shot to center. He'd have my vote for MVP. Without Andruw, this year, I think the Braves are somewhere in the same place as the Mets or Brewers. (Still better than the Cubs.)

Sunday, I wandered to Chattanooga to see Julie and Jason, who drove from Murfreesboro. It's still weird getting to see those two every other month or so, when we used to hang out two and three times a week.

Wandered through the new Saltwater Aquarium they've got in Chattanooga. Got to pet sea rays and bamboo sharks. The rays? Slick as owlshit. The sharks hide is not unlike the bottoms of my feet, which coincidentally enough smell like owlshit.

We also ate pizza at the Mellow Mushroom, which I was unaware had opened in Chattanooga, even though I'd been parking right next to the bugger any time I went downtown. I just never walked around to the front of that block, usually going the other way to go to the Lookouts games or the movie theater downtown.

And today? Well, it's a rainy sumbitch outside. Rita's rain, I think, has found its way to McMinn County. Spent the morning catching up on a couple of movies. Watching the Pride of the Yankees again. Haven't seen it for ten or twelve years. What a great flick.

Wouldn't it have been a whole lot different if everybody had teamed up to kill Gehrig's mother? Honestly. She's like something out of a Flannery O'Connor story....


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