Wednesday, March 29, 2006



A few random thoughts:

The bullshit at work continues....I'm not letting it bother me as much, but I'm not yet to the point where I stop thinking of it as bullshit.

One of the problems with working as much as I have been lately is that my brain is tired when I get home. If I'm actually in the mood to write something for the blog, it's often jumbled, muddy and just plain bad.

But it's not the bad, muddy shit that bothers me. Honestly, I've been doing this for three and a half years....if I was bothered by the muddy stuff, you'd think I'd have stopped by now.

No, what bothers me is the typographical errors.

And it's not little things like missing or transposed letters.

It's the homophonic stuff.

A few posts ago, I said that that when I was younger, I imagined that I was Luke Duke of the Dukes of Hazzard. And I noted that the words Luke Duke look pretty stupid when you write them out in that order.

My problem is that I didn't write "write it out." I wrote "right it out."


Too tired to think straight and too lazy to proofread.

(I think we have a new motto. That jamming the french fries thing's gettin' kinda old...)


Really digging my XM Radio. Got it for myself as a birthday present last month. Had a rebate thingamajig and Amazon had a good deal.

Haven't listened to local radio, except for a snippet here and there, for a month, now.

One snippet that I did catch was an ad on one of Chattanooga's rock stations, advertising the positives of free radio, and the negatives of pay radio. Just made me think: Fine, free radio. You work to get rid of the antiquated regional radio market directives, and make it so that I can listen to the Cubs on the radio down here in southeast Tennessee, fine.

And guarantee it won't be pre-empted. Seriously, you can't even count on hearing a Braves game, and they're about 13 hours closer than Chicago. High School baseball or football takes a local precedent, a lot of the time, with the local stations. And don't get me started on the time the Murfreesboro station ran Michael Savage over the Braves/Cubs.

Anyway. My point here is that I like being able to load up the truck and listen to the Cubs, or the Braves or anybody I feel like listening to, any time that they're playing....



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