Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Do you ever wonder...

Do you ever wonder...

...About the influences upon a generation?

I think that when it's said and done, the TV show Webster will be shown to have had an unspeakable influence upon my generation. Particularly, the episode where Webster uses the secret passageway in the old house to go into the forbidden room with the mannequin he thinks is a dead lady. We have more ruminition on the matter here...

I've said it before that when I make my way in this world, I'm going to build a house with secret passages. I could count any number of movies or novels with such contraptions as my inspiration...but no...my fascination came from Webster.

It occurs to me that I should probably not keep telling everybody about my "secret passages," lest they become "Known Passages." There's nothing cruddier than trying to pass from room to room via ladder-behind-the-grandfather-clock and bumping into somebody who is travelling from the forbidden mannequin room, because they were as knowledgeable about my "secret passage" as I was.

Little known trivia about that ladder in Webster's house: the bottom terminus of that ladder was right at the doorway to Hell. The episode where Webster again ignores Ma'am's and George's entreaties not to go down there never saw air. Lots of Raiders of the Lost Ark style melting of people, I hear.

It's a shame. I think today such an episode would go great during Sweeps.


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