Saturday, September 01, 2007



I wasn't sure I saw when it scrolled across the bottom of the screen on ESPN. I was sure I'd read it wrong. The Cubs picked up Steve Trachsel. Again.

Which, to my mind, is proof that the organization is either part of or the head of a plot to drive me completely insane.

What's next?

Trading for Sammy?

Bringing back Shawn "Losing Pitcher" Estes?

Finding Leon Durham to back up D-Lee?

Actually, Trachsel wasn't so bad, as a way to bolster the staff for what's going to be the ugliest dogfight ever, fighting for the lead in the last month of the season in the N.L. Central.

Plus, he did actually win the first game I ever saw at Wrigley.

He was just so ever-loving slow, working on the mound. For a Cubs team that always seemed to lack energy in the late 90's, I hated knowing Trachsel was going to be pitching. The last guy they needed on the mound was somebody to make the game slower.

And when push came to shove, he seemed more about blaming his teammates than taking any real accountability.

So, you understand that there's a part of me that's quite a bit dubious....


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