Sunday, September 02, 2007

Wake the heck up

Wake the heck up

Got a phone call this morning at 7:15. On a Sunday. After I closed the stupid store. And since it was sunshiny outside (even if it was just the first hints of the day's sunshine), I couldn't fall back to sleep.

Still, that doesn't mean I'm awake. After a couple cups of coffee and a bottle of Diet Mt. Dew, I'm still just kinda groggy. I'll probably fall asleep while reading for class this afternoon, with the Cub game on in the background.

Here's a Meme I'll do while I try to jog my brain back into wakefulness. I stole it from Tish. I have to answer with one word:

Where is your cell phone? Truck
Relationship? Nonexistant
Your hair? short
Work? overly
Your sister? Chattamanooga
Your favorite thing? peace
Your dream last night? conversation
Your favorite drink? Forty
Your dream car? Bigfoot
The room you’re in? Quiet
Your Shoes? Barefoot
Your fears? snakes
What do you want to be in 10 years? Tommy
Who did you hang out with this weekend? worked
What are you not good at? people
Muffin? Blackberry
One of your wish list items? Sopranos
Where you grew up? Barn
Last thing you did? Toilet
What are you wearing? Shorts
What aren’t you wearing? Popehat
Your pet? none
Your computer? dying
Your life? frustrating
Your mood? calm
Missing? toenail
What are you thinking about right now? Meme
Your car? Truck
Your kitchen? Empty
Your summer? Hot
Your favorite color? Green
Last time you laughed? Earlier
Last time you cried? movie
School? necessary
Love? hopeful

I did want to say that the one-word rule was somewhat limiting. I had to change answers a little to fit.

Bigfoot is actually my #3 choice for dream car. The General Lee is my first, followed closely by B.A.'s van from The A-Team.

I am missing the second toenail on my left foot. Dropped a case on my toes at work a week ago. That toenail gruesomely gave up the ghost when I was sliding my sock on the other day. I'll just say that Thursday was just a shitty day.

And my favorite drink is not A Forty. Everybody knows that I like to consume my malt liquor out of my official Old English 0800 Malt Liquor Trough.


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