Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thoughts from the Ass End of the Night: Ebay

Thoughts from the Ass End of the Night: Ebay

You know, the Insomnia post was once a staple of whatever the heck it is that I do here at Big Stupid Tommy. Not so much, anymore. I still have bouts, including a nasty, scary bout with it earlier this year. Just not blogging as much during them.

This one's not so bad, especially since I'm on vacation. If need be, I can sleep till noon, if I can't get back to sleep at a decent hour.

I might do that anyway.

That'll show those assholes.

Which assholes?

Been selling off a few comics, a few odds and ends on Ebay here lately. Just to clean out. Been going through a phase where, if I haven't touched it in the past sixth months, I probably don't need it. And it's been going fairly well. I've made a surprising amount of money (who'da thunk Booster Gold comics would sell like they did?), and I've cleaned a small amount of the crap I've been holding on to for no good reason. With more to come.

Let me say this: I've had no problems whatsoever with anything I've sold or shipped. Books. Comics. Old Magazines. DVD's. Playstation games. Even a statue.

No problems. Except for CD's.

I've decided tonight to stop, at least with the CD's.

I've had 3 complaints in the past 3 weeks.

One for each CD I've sold.

In chronological order:

One was for a crushed case. The packing, said the buyer, left something to be desired. What? I asked. You're too good for a CD mailed in an inside out Chick-Fil-A sandwich wrapper? But guilt didn't work.

I told the buyer I needed the product back before I could issue a replacement or a refund. There was a brief (but ill-toned on their part) conversation about shipping costs. My attitude is that you found a Chris Thile CD for 6 bucks. Why not pry a jewel case off something you're not using, and just replace it that way? Or maybe find a dollar CD or CD-Rom at Dollar Tree, and use that one? I don't say that, but I'm feeling it. I got a feeling this dude's burned a copy of the CD, and used me as a free rental. I'm thinking that when I get the CD back, I simply replace the jewel case in much the same way that I described (except do it here, and not in Washington state), and send it back.

One is for a disc that "would not play." It's a disc that played perfectly right before I sent it off. Let me tell you, asking no matter how politely "did you try it in more than one CD player?" is apparently right on the verge of blasphemy. The nasty response I got made me prepare for the second Ebay refund I'd ever have to give (the prior story being the first) I did ask again that, before issuing a fatwa, please try the CD in a couple of players. Turns out the CD worked fine.

One is for a disc that hasn't arrived. This one came in tonight, during my bout with insomnia.

The question:

Where is my CD? I haven't got it yet.

My response:

"As big a fan of the U.S. Postal Service as I am, I am fully aware of their shortcomings. It is a difficult thing for us all to admit, but time and space are still hurdles in the workaday world for the men and women with the Eagles on their chest. One day, we might be able to overcome these things, and shunt an object across the continent without much more than a second's thought. But today, patience is the key.

I apologize for your not having received your CD. I am aware of your desire to listen to the comic stylings of Frank Caliendo, and have added all speed possible to your order. The reason that you have not received it today is that you ordered within the past 12 hours. Your CD was put into the mail yesterday afternoon, less than 90 minutes after I received word of your order for it.

Please allow the standard time for shipping."

I feel like I'm probably gonna get a nasty mark on that one.

These people irritate me.

No issues with DVDs, or Playstation games. No issues with any of the comics, books or magazines that I've sent out. And I've sent out a couple hundred things, 50 or so in the past month or so.

But 3 out of 3 CD's that I've had listings for, there's been a complaint for.

So, forget this shit. I deal with enough asshole customers when I'm not on vacation. Not doing it in my spare time, too.

To the used CD store, for the rest of them....


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