Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night

Whadap, yo?

Well, I've got family reading the blog. So you heathens behave, how about it?

We had a small family get together at my Aunt Brenda's house this past weekend. Got to see some family we hadn't seen in a while. Some, we hadn't seen since my sister's wedding a couple summers back. Some, it had been even longer since we'd laid eyes on each other.

My Dad's the youngest of 8 children. When I was small, this was hard for me to wrap my mind around, since he was also the largest of them all. For some reason, it was a little difficult for my young mind to figure out, that this guy they all referred to as "little brother" stood, in some cases, a head and shoulders taller than the lot of them.

It was also difficult to figure, since my Dad's favorite saying is "I've had all of human history to learn how to whip a man, but what I need to whip yours, I learned when dinosaurs were walking the Earth."

I'm not sure what it means either, but it generally ends with my shoulder and elbow torqued into painful positions, and my having to repeat some asinine phrase like "My Dad is Stronger than David Ortiz!"

Now that I've said that out loud, I'm ever optimistic that Big Papi (the strongest one there is) has better things to do than rip me limb from limb, what with his having to play in the World Series and all.

It's that travel day between games 2 and 3 that bothers me most.

But anyway....

Family reunion. I was talking to several people there, and they asked "how much am I writing?"

Truthful answer: not enough.

But, NaNoWriMo is coming up in November. And I've got an idea that's been rattling around for a little while. So, this November, I'm going to give the whole 50,000 words in 30 days another whirl. I've made an arrangement or two at work, and in my social life, to make sure I can get this done a little better than last year. Last year, I gave it a go, but ended up getting halfway done.

Going to give it another whirl. I know I had a lot of people reading last year, and I wish I'd finished a little better than I did. That project eventually found an end, but I think it's one that I'll pick up again at some point.

Anyway. I'm just kinda wandering off at the mouth, this late evening. POint is, I told a few people at the family get together about the plans. So, I've got family here, now.

They're mostly like me.

God help them.


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