Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bloodshot Eyes; Starless Night

Bloodshot Eyes; Starless Night

Alarm went off at work. Had to go meet Athens Po Po at the store, to check it out.

Good news? It was a False Alarm. It happens, from time to time. We've been decorating for Christmas, and it's possible that one of the decorations set off a motion detector.

Bad news? Couldn't find the offending decoration or whathaveyou. So there's a chance they'll be waking my big ass up again one night at 3:45 in the morning.


Just so you know, I tend to blame you, the reader of this blog.

There is no real reason, except that it just makes it easier for me to sleep at night, knowing that there truly are evil forces out there in the universe, plotting against me. It may not work for you, "the rational person." But it makes these random happenstance events a little easier for your pal Tommy to stomach, and at the end of the day, isn't that all that matters?

Alarm goes off at work? False Alarm? Dammit, Gunny Walker!

I'm not saying it's polite, or even rational.

Hell, it's 4:27, I've had 6 hours sleep over the past 48, and I've steamrolled way past the exit for narcissicm, and wandered three miles into the Land of Solipcism.

I don't think I should feel badly about blaming you folks, because y'all don't really exist, anyway.

So. How's that non-existance working out for you? Making it any easier to get service at that all-night sandwich deli down on the corner?

I thought so.

You know what I mean.


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