Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thoughts This Sunday

Thoughts This Sunday

Hello, and Good Afternoon.

I sit here this rainy afternoon, watching the Albert Haynesworth-less Titans let the Cincinnati Bengals run all over them, thinking about just dropping a few links on you wonderful people.


Tish had this link up, and I've jumped on board, looking to see how it works. allows writers to post something they've written, and have the content voted on by their peers. If you've gotten enough clout given the strength of your content, there's the possibility of a payday. Which is cool.

And ain't that the American Dream? To get paid for your drivel?

Go check it out. Tell them Big Stupid Tommy sent you. Then take a swing at them, you anti-social son of a buck.


I link to this story about Teller's (of Penn and Teller) house in Las Vegas not to worship celebrity so much as I do to talk about how jealous I am of a person that has a house filled with secret passages and doorways.

That card trick playing bear is pretty cool, too.

But mostly, I wants my own house filled with secret passages and secret doorways.


Once upon a time, working nights stocking at a grocery store, I found a broken bottle of Gorilla Glue. We'd gotten a special shipper. I was returning the bottle to be packaged for reclaim, when I saw a pallet that one co-worker was going to work when he returned from lunch. I took a few seconds run some glue between the cases. My hope was to have him try to pull one case off, and pull the whole thing over on himself.

It didn't work, though. The cases stuck together, but not completely. It ended up just ripping pieces off each case, and utlimately presented no hindrance to my co-worker's progress.

I do not think the plan itself faulty. Only the execution.

Anyway. Here's a story about a new adhesive developed from studying the adhesive tree frogs use to climb. It were interesting.


You ever feel kinda letdown when you find out something isn't the secret you thought it was?

Damn. I had no idea Mellow Mushroom was all over the friggin' country.

Ah well. Haven't hit one in a while. At least I know there are several dozen convenient locations. I might have to hit one this week, if I get time....


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