Monday, November 26, 2007



Dear reader:

On the newest Shooter Jennings release entitled "The Wolf," Shooter & Co. perform a cover of the Dire Straits classic "Walk of Life."

Well, it's a catchy tune, both the Dire Straits version and Shooter's cover. But this week, Shooter's cover has been particularly catchy.

Have you read The Stand? And you know how Captain Trips is like 99.4% communicable?

Shooter Jennings' cover of "Walk of Life" isn't quite that catchy.

But it's close.

It's been stuck up in my brain for three days now. Wedged somewhere between my memories of getting stung by a bee while playing in the pine forests behind Riceville Elementary School, and my knowledge of what butterscotch tastes like.

And it's squatted there for days. It's built a little hut, and cooked little cans of hobo beans around its little squatter's fire. I cannot get it to leave my head. It shouts things about "common law" and "usury," and I have to leave, because I'm not muchly sure what either of those two things are.

Tonight's attempt, which involved needle-nosed pliers, a coat hanger and a bottle of Drano was unsuccessful in removing said song from my brain. Sadly, I removed the frontal lobe of my brain. With it, most emotion and any vestige of psychic ability went flying down the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink. It's not a total loss however: my sinuses have never been more clear.

Anyway. I'm kinda tough, in a steaky sort of way. So, I'll just tough it out. It's not really a bad song, so I suppose it's all good.

I hope you folks keep on sailin'.

Yours in all that is holy,
George Washington Big Stupid Tommy


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