Tuesday, December 25, 2007

In which he wishes everybody a Very Merry Christmas...

In which he wishes everybody a Very Merry Christmas...

Well, the freight train we've all seen coming for weeks crept silently into station last night. It's Christmas morning, and your old pal Tommy's got an all-too rare (lately) moment for reflection.

An opinion? The line of demarcation between childhood and grownupitude comes that moment when Christmas stops being something you can't wait for, and becomes something you wish you could put off for a couple days more, just so you could get a little more done.

That second stage has an evolution itself. We all encounter them...hell, you may be one. The holiday gets to be a bit much for some people, and before it's all said and done, they just want it to be over with.

My hope is not to become one of those people.

My other hope is that you are not one of those people.

We get a lot going on in our lives. "Life's gotten hectic" is a phrase I've spoken more than once the last few months--it's left me with less and less time to stop and smell the roses. And that's what I'm thinking's going on with those folks who wish for the season just to be over. We've got a world and a season that's over-run with Type A, Git-r-done personalities. And in that, we forget that it's not about the destination, it's about the journey.

So, my sincere hope, now that we've reached Christmas morning, is that after all the running, after all the jockeying for position, after all the struggling, that you've had the time this holiday season, and that you're taking the time today, to spend time with the folks you care about. I hope your tribulations this season have been worthwhile, and they've brought you and yours some happiness.

I also hope you get some rest.

Truth be told, that's what I'm most looking for today.

Yeah, Life got hectic for your old Pal Tommy this week, too. Managing a grocery store during the holiday season does not make for a restful week. I've been witness to folks running to and fro. The largest majority have been easy to get along with, thankfully. Working customer service, though, often leaves you subject to the wrath of that vocal minority.

The trick to the job, is understanding that they're just working to enjoy themselves too. And while I'm not as successful at letting it roll off my back as I'd like all the time, I do pretty well letting it go in a short enough amount of time.

(Though the guy who got pissed when I thought he was joking with me about his deli cheese not being stacked neatly enough, I'm still working to get past. My response? "I think it'll probably taste the same." Such did not leave him happy. But, at the end of the day, there were and are bigger fish to fry. And the reality? If somebody's Christmas was ruined by cheese not being stacked symmetrically? Their standards might be a touch too high...)

But rest? Yeah. Life got hectic.

A few notes from the past few days:

My parents' little pug Max is slowly convelescing after he had a run-in with with a contractor's pickup truck. A scary day, actually. That little dog has more personality than any three people I know, but has the least amount of "Car Sense" of any animal outside of your runaday deer. They've worked with him, but have had to keep him inside whenever cars are running. This time, communication didn't work, and he got hurt. He's in a lot of pain, and it hurts him to walk. But we're pretty confident he'll be himself before long.


Managed to get together with The Gruesome Twosome over dinner. Traded Christmas gifts. Enjoyed some Mexican food. Don't see either of those two enough....


Steven and I wandered toward Cleveland for pizza and beer Saturday night. Traded Christmas gifts with him. Enjoyed the company.


Lastly, and maybe bestly....I got to meet Tish the night before last. She correctly noted that I get to move her blog from the list of bloggers I Can Only Assume Are Real to the List of Bloggers I've Met (and thusly ascertained their existence).

Tish is very nice lady, who does indeed exist. In person, she's as charming and funny as she is on her blog. Meeting her was a real pleasure, and something I hope to do again in the near future.


It's been busy, like I said. Life got hectic...there were more than a couple nights with just three or four hours sleep.

But last night, I collapsed a little before 10. Nine hours later, I pulled myself out of slumber, refreshed and ready for the day....

My family's celebrating Christmas at my parents' house later this afternoon. I'm watching a little TeeVee. Got a couple more presents to get wrapped before I head out that way.

Before I do, I just wanted to once again, wish all you guys a Very Merry Christmas.


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