Thursday, December 27, 2007



I awoke this morning with the oddest thought. I was excited that Christmas was going to be here soon. I think I was emerging from a dream, though I couldn't tell you what the dream was, exactly. All I remember is waking up, excited that Christmas was going to be here, and in just a couple days. The same way I'd get excited as a kid...knowing that I'd be free of the demands of school, and that Santa Claus would be visiting in a couple of nights....

And then I realized, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, that Christmas was now a couple days behind us.

I wouldn't have believed that there was a more disheartening feeling than waking up and realizing that 13 hours of work stood ahead...but being pulled away from that childlike excitement?

My mind plays dirty, dirty tricks.

It's not all bad. A short day of work. A trip to see No Country for Old Men, which I enjoyed immensely. A dinner of Indian food. A trip to pickup a couple items I'd hoped to get for Christmas (No Simpsons movie under the tree? Ye Gods....)

Got a thought or two on No Country for Old Men, but I think that's a post for another time....

This Thursday, I think I'll finish with the best bad joke I've heard in weeks:

The captain of a fearsome pirate ship decides to have a talk with a rookie that is setting out for his first voyage ever.

The Captain asks: "Got any questions?"

The new recruit stammers for a second, and asks: "Just one. Since there are no women on the ship and we are at sea for months at a time, what do we do if we get…uh…you know…the urge?"

The Captain points and says, "See that barrel over there?"

The rookie nods.

The Captain asks, "See the hole in the side of the barrel?"


"Well, anytime you get the urge, just use that hole in the barrel," the Captain says. "Anytime except on Thursdays."

The Rookie nods, and thinks for a second. "Okay. Why not Thursdays?"

The Captain turns to leave, and says "That's your day inside the barrel."


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