Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Brief Look into Why I don't watch ESPN...

A Brief Look into Why I Don't Watch ESPN...

Yeah, I'm a sports fan. But long since gone are the days I left ESPN on for background noise. I won't reiterate what countless others have already said. It just hit me this long has Rich Eisen been gone? The Eisen/Scott SportsCenters were the last time I watched that show with any regularity.

But this little clip kinda point out why I stopped watching in general.

Is there anybody more useless than Sean Salisbury?

But then, to me, he's the perfect person to have on today's ESPN. He's loud, he's obnoxious, he provides no real insight whatsoever. More than that, he's ESPN's football coverage equivalent of John Kruk...any supposition he puts out there is generally wrong.

Difference between those two being, I could at least point to a few on field accomplishments for John Kruk.

But I digress. The biggest thing that kills me about Salisbury? How damn locker room funny he thinks he is. That Cryptkeeper line? It wasn't funny, but whatever humor might have been in the line was kicked to the curb when he broke out the second "Tales from the Crypt..." just in case you fratboys didn't catch the subtle dig on Mr. Clayton the first time around.

Seems like the type who's gonna repeat a punchline, right after he tells a joke.

Or explain it to you, when you don't laugh....


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