Sunday, June 22, 2008



I know every song played on the in-store radio at my job, by heart.

Whether I want to know it by heart, or not.

Mostly, not.

They play little insipid, nonoffensive, poppy things that you are supposed to enjoy while you hear them, but forget instantly. Which is easy to do, when you're just in the store for a few minutes. Problem is, I'm in the store 11 to 12 hours a day, and every now and then, they play something that gets trapped in your head.

Christmas is bad for it...Feliz Navidad still ranks #1 for Worst Earworm in history.

Close behind it, that "Bad Day" song, that they were playing at the end of American Idol a few years back. Luckily, they don't play that one on ours, anymore. But that one would get stuck in my head, and short of using the jaws of life to crack my head open and fish it out, that booger wasn't coming out for nothing.

Recently, it's been "Calling You," by Blue October. Now that I think about it, I haven't noticed that one. Which doesn't mean they haven't played it. It means I've inadvertantly stumbled upon the secret of reversing the Earworm Curse. I wish I could bottle that little bit of lightning. I'd like to be a millionaire.

And can I just say that Paul McCartney's "Dance Tonight" dropkicked me all the way into the center of the camp that says The Wrong Two Beatles are Dead.

But I digress. Occasionally, I will catch an earworm. And in this case, I kinda dig th song. But, I had no idea of the title, because my particular store has nobody telling you who's singing what. So, I have to scrawl down a bit of lyric to try to find it on the Google.

Like I said, I kinda like this one. I think the video's cool, too. I should say that Yes, I realize the song isn't particularly new. It's just that I spend my radio time listening to baseball on the XM, and my CD time on punk bands and Shooter Jennings, nowadays. I have no clue what's going on in the popular music world. And 99.2 percent of the time, that's fine.

Unless I get an earworm that I'm afraid is going to send me the way of George Harrison.

(Maybe that's how he got cancer, by listening to Paul McCartney so much...)


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