Tuesday, July 07, 2009



The world's done turned itself topsy turvey. I wake up into a world where They Stole Michael Jackson's Brain, where Ryno gets his ass suspended, and where the sister, brother-in-law and I show an appalling lack of knowledge of 1970's rock hits, thus putting us from medal contention down to sixth in a trivia contest.....

Honestly, though, I think I reached Michael Jackson overload the weekend after the man died. I can't tell you when. Maybe it was the twitter comment some wise person made saying "hey, they must have solved this democracy in Iran thing...." Still, I find myself wondering about their cutting the man's brain from his head. Part of me looks back to the myriad ancient cultures, who buried you with possessions (and organs, in jars sometimes) in case you needed them in the afterlife.

I'd hate to find the brainless Michael Jackson wandering around the afterlife, mindless husk of a man....

Also, Ryne Sandberg found himself suspended. Had to laugh at the Facebook comments "Ryno was right! Is there a way for me to get video to the league office?" I laugh because I have trouble reading sarcasm online (or in person, for that matter). I laugh because I've heard similar arguments in person, though. As if the end justifies breaking one of the three GIANT ASS Rules in baseball (No gambling, Don't Touch the Umpires, and Bend the Bill of Your Cap, Bozo).

And? Trivia? Took in a trivia contest at a local pub. Did well in our debut, but was ultimately sunk by our lack of knowledge concerning 1970's rock hits...or more properly, the order in which they were released.

Blame me for being born in 1977....


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