Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chapter MMMCXIX: In which he floods the house of the King of Rock and Roll....

Chapter MMMCXIX: In which he floods the house of the King of Rock and Roll

Just a few things running around my skull this morning:

I had a dream last night that I was visiting Elvis at Graceland. I think this was brought on by Tivo having captured Blue Hawaii and Clambake both within the past couple of weeks. I'm not sure which keywords my Tivo has tripped that would end up with a couple of Elvis's movies in my suggestions, but I ended up watching both, having seen Blue Hawaii last years ago, and never having seen Clambake.

Elvis was pretty cool, though I never saw him much. Very gracious, as I ended up having pretty much run of the house, which I visited in "real life" probably twenty years ago.

In the dream, the house was an amalgamation of the real life experience. I remember crazy shag carpeting on walls, rooms with multiple televisions, and getting to step up onto Elvis's tour bus. My subconscious substituted other elements, like the Biltmore house over in my dream Elvis had a large empty swimming pool 20 feet deep (for some reason, this has been the over-riding image I've held since visiting that mansion three or four times now over my 32 years. Elvis also had a skate ramp and a room filled with pinball machines, a'la Bam Margera's home from Viva la Bam.

Well, free run of the house didn't end well. At one point, I wander down a staircase, and find the ceiling just raining water. Even for a dude as awesome as Elvis, he seemed a little out of sorts for it to be raining inside the house.

The culprit? A refrigerator door that would not shut. Apparently, when the refrigerator door does not shut, it floods hundreds of gallons of water inside the house of the King of Rock n' Roll.

Not an interesting story, so much. Just wanted to write it down before I forgot. Kinda dug the dream.

(There was also another, where I dreamed I chased down a shoplifter at work. A dream, I know, simply because yours, truly, could not run out of sight in two day's time, let alone chase down somebody stealing beer...)


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