Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Just a couple quick thoughts.

For a few months now, I've been wandering down to Chattanooga for a night of beer, greasy food and team trivia. We do okay. Very well, in fact. Every place we play, we're in contention to win, owing to that I'm not the only one with 2.3 billion otherwise useless bits of information rattling around in my noggin.

It's a fun game. A question's asked, and a song is played. You must answer your team's answer by the end of the song. Some are fairly simple...others can be bugger-all tough. It's good to have a well rounded team. We win occasionally. Usually it's enough to put a nice dent in whatever bar tab we've accrued. By no stretch of the imagination is it enough to hoot and holler over.

Or cheat in order to get....

Dunno. Watched a group use everything short of morse code and a slide rule tonight to get their answers. Aside from Fat Tire and shrimp (something I've acquired a taste for in the past several months, after a lifetime of taking or leaving it), there was some satisfaction in beating that particular team.

I dunno. I look around the world today, and I wonder at that particular attitude. There's a maudlin part of me that wants to wretch and bitch (and how) at a society of people who doesn't know that it's about the journey, and not the end result. Whether it's a group of idiots who can't enjoy a night out because they're not winning a game, or some douche loading himself up with some manner of growth hormone over the matter of an everyday playing position in a sport.

Don't know why I'm on this line of thought. Just a little pissy with the world, this evening....


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