Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thoughts at 11:53 on Paranormal Activity, and other items

Thoughts at 11:53 on Paranormal Activity, and other items

Blogination was meant to have occurred before now. There were doings that transpired, which need to be reported. I mean, honestly, there was a discussion about Y2K that somehow had me thinking that there was a massive health scare recently related to the nation's much needed supply of KY Jelly. That was the personal highlight of my visit to the Hysterics at Eric's, this past weekend. I got to meet a few more blog people in real life.


Also? I got to see Mickey Dolenz in real life. He wore his sunglasses inside, because he is a star.

I am on vacation. This, in and of itself, is sweet. I go to bed when I want. I wake up when I want.

Well, that last part ain't precisely true. My old friend insomnia showed up somewhere around 3:15 in the morning. This was twofold troubling.

The first level comes just from irritation at not being asleep, though since this is vacation, it isn't a huge issue. I was muchly aware that I'd be able to sleep to whenthefuckever whenever I fell back to sleep. Much of my insomnia, I think, is based on some godforsaken fear that I'm going to oversleep. I am not sure if this is a cause or a symptom of impending madness. I'm thinking it is like the Chicken and Egg debate.

The second level comes from my viewing Monday of the movie Paranormal Activity (which I have mostly positive feelings toward). I don't want to spoil too much of the movie, but there are a number of portions that come from one character's running a camera while our protagonist couple sleeps. The movie documents the paranormal activity that occurs in the house, and the bulk of it happens during these sleeping hours. And there are a fair number of occurrences, unless my memory fails me, that happen within spitting distance of 3:15 AM.

Troublesome for me, because most of my insomniac episodes begin somewhere within spitting distance of 3:15 AM.

I hate to say that a movie is fucking with my fragile little mind. But Paranormal Activity stuck with me.

I made myself get up EARLY this morning. Turned on a few lights (and if there's one BIG complaint I have about the actions of Micah and Katie in Paranormal Activity is that they wander around their haunted house with the lights off entirely too much for my taste or suspension of disbelief).

I started writing this morning. A piece of fiction. Don't know where it's going, but it's kinda biographic in nature.

I wrote 9100 words today.

Holy frigging crap.

My eyes, brain and wrists were sore at the end of it. As was my back, to a lesser degree. I wasn't precisely hunched over writing, but I could feel the ghosts of poor posture as I made myself get up and wander around.

Like I said, I don't know if it's going anywhere. I suppose that's up to me. It's 9100 words, though. I can't think that I've done that much in any five, six or seven days, lately.

So, the insomnia was helpful. Even if it's 9100 words of crap, it's 9100 words I've written....

Anyway. That's all I got for now. We'll see you fine feathered frogs on the flip side.


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