Friday, February 12, 2010

I may not know all 24 letters in the alphabet, but I can sure as hell put them in order....

Hello, and welcome to Friday.

You're looking at a man who's somehow wandered into two straight days of full night's sleep. There are a lot of words I'd use to describe myself: poet, lover, ninja assassin, but well rested is very rarely among them.

Still, the morning was not without incident. It did start with a brief moment of panic, when I woke up and saw the number 9 and 42 on the alarm clock. I picked my favorite curse word (Stront!!!!!) started to roll out of bed, only to remember that Friday is your old pal Tommy's day off.

I would say that this particular feeling, that one of relief upon realizing that you don't actually have to leave the house with pants, if you don't wanna, is among my favorite in the world.

Lunch plans with some folks with the old workplace fell by the wayside for business on their end. I find myself this morning with a thought or three, but no cohesive way to tie them together. Par for the course, I like to think.


My friend Jerri made an observation that really came to irk me very much this week: my little town does not have a Chinese restaurant that delivers. We tend to lean more toward the All Your Ass Can Hold Buffet around here. And even though my ass can hold a shitload of food, buffets are not my first choice. Mostly because you have to put on a pair of pants. Trust me, I would like nothing more than to load up three plates with General Tso's chicken and enough egg rolls to make my house smell like a papermill the next afternoon.

I just don't wanna put on pants to do so.

Can I just pause here to say God Bless America?

Anyway, since the buffets in town frown upon my calling and saying "Can you load up a cardboard box with twice-fried chicken and eggrolls and bring it to my house?" I smell a minor business opportunity here in this little town.

I'll start small. The only Chinese cuisine I know how to make is noodles and Chicken that you fry the hell out of until it has no taste. I see this as my having a step up already on the China Wok.


The excitement that has popped up on multiple fronts, all at once, over the A-Team flick strikes me as odd. Not the excitement in or of itself, but that it seems like everybody reached some manner of A-Team epiphany all at the same time. Like there's been some confluence of the universe, a bit of A-Team synchronicity.

I'm not knocking it. Just noting the coincidence of it, which has included my neighbor, who's become something of my Kramer (which will warrant a post, I guess, once my irritation at his knocking on my door at all hours of the day or night...or at the fact that he and his girlfriend apparently relate to each other physically very, very well. And often.) Anyway, my neighbor knocked on my door not very long after I'd gotten home from work last night (to return my copy of Slither, actually), and asked "You like UFC, right?"


"Did you know Rampage Jackson is going to be B.A. in the A-Team Movie?"

His excitement at the news made me wonder if being in the A-Team movie was as important as curing Cancer and AIDS in the same day.

"Yeah, I did. Looks cool."


And then there's a moment that we've had probably a half-dozen times at this point, where I'm pretty sure he's wanting me to ask him in, something that might happen at 4:30 in the afternoon, but not 12:10 in the morning. Have you seen me? I need several weeks of beauty sleep, and all this talk about Quentin "Rampage" Jackson and the A-Team movie will only serve to keep me awake for hours on end.


And lastly, it's February 12, and it's 20-something, and we're possibly looking at snow AGAIN later this weekend. And I got my first invitation for fantasy baseball.

I'm really looking forward to baseball this year. I kinda floated through last season. It may sound silly to say, but that 2008 Cubs playoff loss to the Dodgers kinda made me keep my distance for most of 2009. I watched, but I didn't embrace like I usually do.

Heartbreak, even for a Cub fan who should be used to it, sometimes takes a while to get past.

April 5, the Cubs open in Atlanta. I'll be there, for my first opening day, actually.....


Blogger Teresa said...

Okay I missed that there was going to be an A-Team movie... all I can say is... OMG.

3:32 PM  

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