Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughts from the Ass End of the Night: the Return of Smeagol

Just a few random thoughts, rolling around in my head. It's not necessarily an insomnia post, per se. I just haven't felt the urge to go to bed, just yet.

Went out to the Riverfront Pub, down in Chattanooga last night. I hadn't gotten to see the sister and brother-in-law in a couple of weeks, and we wandered out to play some trivia. A buddy (and I say that because I can't think of a better term for the guy--he's run most of the trivia shows we've attended for the last six months, and we are on terms somewhere between acquaintance and friend, though I couldn't tell you precisely where) was running a trivia show there.

I like to think the Riverfront's the type of bar I'd open, were I to open a bar. Nothing extravagant. Simple wooden bar. A couple tables. A TV behind the bar. Maybe a little area set aside for a band to play. Couple of decent beers on tap. Nice environment without a lot of ragamuffins running around, too. A couple or three years ago, Tennessee's indoor smoking laws took hold, basically barring smoking anyplace where kids can be found. Most places took the route of the higher number of potential customers, and barred smoking from the premises.

I'm not a smoker, myself and generally speaking, people smoking doesn't bother me (beyond the levels of my family members dying a slow, painful, suffocating death because of it). Still, I'm not overly huge on kids. So, it's a nice tradeoff. Just a cool place to hang out. Not a lot of room to get rowdy. Riverfront had a good vibe, and I dug it.


I found out today that there is apparently little in the world that made me happier than watching the little grandmotherly type curse a storm everytime her bowling frame didn't go as she'd wanted. A friend & I grabbed lunch today, as we were both off work, and decided to bowl a couple of games. We were lucky to find a lane, as a retirement age league plays in Athens on Wednesday (the things you learn....).

The lanes nearest to us, one little old lady started her game with "Crap," which we were allowed to say in Sunday School. She'd escalated into the hells and damns by the fourth frame, and had wandered up into bullshit and a couple of God Damns by the eighth. She bowled strikes to finish out her game, which was probably a good thing, because an 68-year-old lady letting a string of "motherfucks" out at a 5/10 split would likely have led to my shitting myself in hysterics.

And as we all know, that's allowed to happen only once a week.


Two of my co-workers, neither aged more than 19, were completely oblivious as to the existence at any point of one Nell Carter. And I, so proud of my "Gimme a Break" joke, was left with that minor bit of cleverness hanging. One might assume that the joke is hanging still in the air around the office of my store. I would watch out for it, if I were you. I'd hate for my eye to be taken out by an 80's sitcom.


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